Devari Design

Devari Design Classic Homes & Estates provides turn-key decorating, design and project management services tailored to meet the distinctive unique needs of every project and beautifully compliment the architecture of each home. 

We focus on luxury furnishings and decor, interior architectural detailing, residential renovation and new construction uniting beauty and functionality in harmony. Sourcing the most exquisite materials from around the world and the finest local craftsmanship, our team will make your dream home reality. Working seamlessly with architects, builders, trades, and craftsmen, each project is approached with exacting standards to create beautiful, highly functional, and luxuriously comfortable interiors. We are dedicated to every phase of the design process, managing every aspect in a highly efficient and organized manner, giving our clients complete peace of mind so they can enjoy an exciting and stress-free design process. From flooring to ceiling treatments — we meticulously attend to every detail of design. 




We engage our clients in the design process right from the start… getting to know them and what home means to them. Clearly defining needs and objectives with respect to all elements of each project. 


In the schematic design phase we focus on developing several directions of design schemes which incorporate all aspects of design. 


During design development we further refine decisions made during the schematic design phase and make final revisions to the design concept.


Once the design concept is developed fully we begin working to assemble specifications, drawings and schedules that provide clear instructions for contractors, architects and builders. We present you with additional materials to support the design concept through presentations that include plans, 3D models, and renderings.

V. INSTALLATION                                                      

We oversee all aspects of installation and guarantee complete satisfaction. Our involvement continues even after the installation as we always work to accomodate our clients ongoing needs.